Riley did her best to appear clean and cavalier. She braided her vibrant hair away from her face and put on a fitted beige dress suit and matched it with a pair of Jimmy Choos. She had taken out all of her piercings and covered up her tattoos. She glanced at her image in the floor length mirror on the back of her bedroom door. She looked like Kim Kardashian on Acid. She was itching to kick off her heels and free her hair from the restraint.

Quietly, without waking Ari, she tiptoed downstairs with her briefcase. The cab had already arrived. Careful not to fall on her arse, she climbed inside. “Where to Ma'am?” The driver asked in his polished accent.

“Macy's. Downtown, Main street.” The driver peeled away from the curb. Riley was about to yell at the cab driver for driving on the wrong side of the road, before she remembered she wasn't in the good ol' US of A anymore.

Within minutes they had arrived at Macy's. Riley checked out the meter. She arched her eyebrow at the high fee. Reluctantly she handed the driver a wad of bills and sprinted towards the entrance of the store. Cabs weren't cheap, nor was her outfit. She couldn't blow her chance. She had to get back at Priss for what she did to Ari.

Riley smiled at her reflection in the automated doors. During her drunk rambling Priss had mentioned that a Journalist and photographer from a magazine called Warington Fashion, was coming over to do a spread for an article on one of Macy's new clothing lines.

Priss had orchestrated the whole event. At their housewarming party she spent half of the night bragging about how she would have a new promotion if the event went well. Priss waved around the business card for the Editor of Warrington Fashion, Sharon Delucia, bragging about what good friends they were. Riley managed to get a hold of the card. The next morning she phoned Sharon, imitating Priss's voice to cancel the interview and photo session. Riley was proud of her new found acting skills.

Last night Damian called to ask how Ari was doing. He sounded guilty, for the turn of events. He admitted that Priss had acted like a complete and utter Biotch. Riley used his guilt to her advantage

She placed her Ray Ban's over her eyes. She glanced back towards the parking lot, waiting for her photographer to arrive. She smiled when she saw Damian's car pull into the parking lo. Her smile only faltered some when she saw Henry get out of the Jag as well. Even though Riley was putting on a facade she was acting the part of journalist today. Her defensive side went up when she glanced over at Henry. Breathe, she reminded herself. This wasn't University.

Henry looked tired, his hair was disheveled. It was sort of cute, Riley thought regrettably. She brushed her thoughts aside and linked arms with Damian. “Are you ready to ruin her?”

Damian smiled in return. His hands went for the camera around his neck. “I've been rehearsing all morning,” he winked turning his camera on Riley. “Work it, work it girl!”

Riley rolled her eyes at Damian's overacting and urged him forward.

The End

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