Henry: Infamous ToothbrushesMature

The drive to the hotel was quick and quiet. Henry rushed out of the car, barely managing to mumble a quick thank you. He ran through the hotel lobby and punched the button on the elevator. He stumbled into his room and threw himself on his bed. He was dead tired and putting up with Riley completely wore him out, even though they didn’t have any type of conversation or interaction and basically nothing happened. Henry was feeling way too stressed. What he needed now was a good nights sleep. A really good nights sleep.

Henry stumbled into his bathroom and grabbed a new toothbrush. It was one of the hotel toothbrushes and he hated having to open the stupid plastic wrappers that they came in. What he hated even more was how these toothbrushes shedded. Every time, even if it was a new toothbrush, some bristles would shed off as he brushed his teeth. It wasn’t even because he like to jam toothbrushes against his teeth. You would think that such a quality hotel would at least get better toothbrushes.

Henry squeezed some of the disgusting hotel toothpaste onto the toothbrush and thrusted it into his mouth. He hated the taste of the toothpaste. Its label said sweet pea. What kind of company makes sweet pea toothpaste? And if that wasn’t bad enough, it actually tasted more like bruised banana. Yuck.

Henry was brushing his teeth when he noticed that something didn’t feel right. He slowly took the toothbrush out of his mouth and noticed that all of the bristles on the toothbrush were not on the toothbrush anymore. That was it. This was the absolute last straw. He was not living in this stupid hotel anymore. Henry spat everything out of his mouth, rushed out of the stupid bathroom and rolled onto his bed. He squeezed his eyes shut, forcing himself to sleep. He was moving out tomorrow. No matter what anyone said. He was going to move out of this stupid hotel and that was that.

The End

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