Riley and Henry pulled on their jackets.

"I'll be back in at least twenty minutes, alright?" Said Riley. "Don't freak out or anything while I'm gone."

Ari nodded.

Henry shut the door behind him. Moments later, Arriane dimly heard the rev of a car engine. She curled up tightly on the couch and picked at the awful green cover. Her eyes glanced over the oversize bandage. Ari dropped her arm and stared at the floor. 

It wasn't really that bad, was it? She had been clean for two years... and people were bound to have relapses. 

But she was kidding herself. People didn't normally cut themselves open when distressed. The carpeting blurred as tears crowded her eyes. Maybe she did need help.


Priscilla flopped lazily on her over-the-top, luxury hotel.

"Despite all the crap Macy's gives, they really did pull through this time," she commented to no-one in particular.

She picked at the plush bedspread and thought. Priss supposed she should be doing work- she hadn't done any for two days- but it was late and she wasn't really up to it. Her thoughts turned back to the party. 

Maybe she had been a bit harsh with Arriane- she hadn't seen her in more than two years, and she didn't seem as bad.

Then she shook her head. What was she thinking? The little wretch had upstaged her in every school activity...

Priss finally fell asleep.

The End

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