Henry: ApologiesMature

For once, Henry felt the need to look forward to his huge stack of reports. He didn’t hate his reports. It was just that work was never a thing he looked forward to and was always just there. Enjoyable at times, but not something to look forward to. But now he really wanted to go home and just hide in his huge stacks of reports.

Henry sat awkwardly on that hideous green couch again, with Riley and Arriane sitting across from him. He was tired and having to deal with Riley and Arriane was out of his mental capability right now. Tired. Very tired. He started nodding off.


“Whut?” Henry jumped up, wide awake.

“You’re falling asleep.” Riley looked at him flatly.

“Sorry.” He replied meekly.

Riley shook her head. “What am I going to do with you?” She sighed. “By the way, thanks again for helping me with the drunk thing. I really couldn’t think of any other way to get past Priscilla.”

“Uh, yeah. No problem.” Ok. This was awkward.

Henry just couldn’t stand this anymore. When you go to a party where the host who invited you relapses into cutting and everything else is just a crazy mess, staying behind is not the best idea. And anyone who knew Henry, knew about his nerves. And his nerves were buzzing like hell.

“Henry. Your nervous.” Arriane looked at him. She voice was slightly shaky.

“Um, uh, yeah.” Shit. He didn’t mean to show it. He ran his hand through his hair as he tried to take in deep breaths. Stay calm and focus. Being nervous was not going to help him get through the night.

“Sorry Henry about how this turned out. This wasn’t supposed to happen. ” Arriane stared down at the ground. Of course, Henry wasn’t holding a grudge against Arriane, but the apology still felt... different.

“No, no, no, it’s fine. I know how things can go. Tonight was... peculiar.” He paused for a moment at peculiar. Indeed it was. How many parties involved faking drunk to get past someone? To the extent of Henry’s knowledge, not many. He opened his mouth to say more but nothing came out.

“No, Ari, it was my fault.” Riley took Arriane’s hand.

“Your fault?” Arriane looked at Riley confused for a moment.

“Yeah. I was the one that invited Priscilla. Remember?” Her face reddened slightly. She looked ashamed. “I never should have done that. Priss is such a jerk sometimes.”

“Not sometimes. She’s always a jerk.” Arriane pointed out.

Henry watched as the two apologized. He didn’t belong in this conversation anymore. He should probably leave.

“Girls, I think I need to go.”

They both stopped to look at him. Shit, attention. Henry hated being the center of anything.

“I’ll drive you.” Riley suggested. Arriane turned and looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Are you sure?” She asked.

“Ari, you need rest. I can deal with my problems for tonight.” Riley said resolutely. Henry’s face involuntarily turned deep red.

You gotta be kidding me. He groaned inwardly. More things to deal with?

The End

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