Dimly, Arriane heard two doors slam. One must've been the outside door. She wondered who left. The other...

She looked up to see Riley standing over her, her mouth agape and her eyes angry.

"Two years," she said. "Almost two years and you were clean. And then Priscilla... dammit, I'm going to kill her." She hissed as she took Arriane's unresisting hand and wiped the blood off her wrist.

"It's not your problem, you don't have to do anything. And it was him too- wasn't I fine until I saw him again?" Arriane pointed out. 

Riley wasn't really listening.

"He's a jerk too, fooling around like that when you're not really hiding anything... where are the bandaids? I can't find anything in this damn house," she muttered as she raided the cupboards.

Ari sullenly pulled out a box from behind her and sloppily patched herself up. "I don't need help."

"Yeah, you obviously do if you're having a relapse. I'm going to get you goddamn rehab if it continues and you know it's not cheap. Nobody that is-slash-was (with the exception of Priss) in this house is willing to let you go this easily." Riley's voice cracked.

Arriane got up. "What do you mean, was? Who left?"

"I think the boys had to go."

Riley opened the door and led her gently out, taking the wrist with no open wounds. Ari kept the other close to her side, letting the band-aid chaff against her jeans.


"Done cutting yourself up, are you?" said Priss sweetly. "Oh, don't look so surprised. I know what you were doing... oh, and dear Riley, didn't see you come out of the same room. Maybe you guys are lesbians? You just never know."

Ari flushed angrily and lunged. Riley grabbed her shoulder. 

"I think it's time you leave," she said, opening the door- to Henry and Damian still on the doorstep. 

"Toodles," smirked Priscilla and walked down the few steps to her car. Ari followed Damian's gaze as he watched her disappear down the the sidewalk.

"You should go, too, if you weren't already," she said coldly. "You know. Follow your girlfriend. Or find another down the block. Whatever."  

Damian's grin faltered slightly and he turned to her. "I'm sorry, were you talking...?" 

"Yeah, leave. Please. Henry can choose whether or not to go, too, Riley-" she took in the girl's slight glare- "or I could drive him home." 

Henry shrugged. "I have a lot of work to do, and I need to go to bed early-"

"Another hour won't kill you," Riley said. In a lower tone, she added, "Ari doesn't want to be very alone, I don't think. Not yet."

The End

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