Henry: To Trick and Be TrickedMature

If things weren’t awkward enough, Henry didn’t know how he was going to survive this night. After sitting down on the couch he was push into the position of... What would you call it? An awkward invisible spectator. A person just there, surrounded by people, no, more like friends so caught up in their own worlds, you’re invisible. It’s not that they don’t see you or don't like you, you’re just invisible.

It’s really just the couch.

Henry looked down at the absolutely hideous couch he was sitting on. Well at least he thought it was hideous. But any sane person would never be able to convince themselves that an ugly couch was making them “invisible” to their friends. And then of course, while Priscilla was wrapping herself around Damian, Riley was sitting across from him chugging champagne like there was no tomorrow.

Henry sat there stiffly still recovering from the fact that Riley had just landed in his lap when he heard her speak up.

“Hennnnrrry.” She slurred

“Yeah.” He perked up and looked at Riley. Her face was slightly flushed.

“Why w-were you sssoooo annnnnoying in cooolleggge?” She was drunk.

“I- well- it wasn’t exactly my fault we were rivals...” Henry stammered.

“Hhhaha. That that was f-funny Henry.” Riley got up from the couch. She wobbled back and forth and tried to take a step forward.

“Careful!” Henry lunged forward to catch her as she stumbled.



“I don’t feeeelll too good.” She leaned on his shoulder holding her stomach. “Can you help me to to the bathroom?”

“Um, ah, sure.” He mumbled nervously as they made their way slowly across the room, passing Priscilla and Damian who were sprawled out on the couch with their clothes half off. Riley was leaning hard on his shoulder it almost hurt and he could smell the alcohol in her breath. Suddenly, she stood up straight, throwing Henry off balance.

“Thanks for helping me get past her.” She whispered to him eyeing Priscilla on the couch. Then she scurried away to the bathroom and slammed the door. Henry turned around and was faced with a scream. He was pushed out of the way in a frenzy by a running, smoking mad Priscilla whose shirt was still half off.

“That bitch!” She shrieked as she ran towards the bathroom pounding on the door. When Henry got back up again, only Damian was still in the room.

“Crazy night uh?” Damian looked at him with a laugh as he put his shirt back on.

“Yeah.” Henry dusted off his shirt. “Getting pushed out of the way by a screaming mad girl isn’t very fun.”

“Heh. It was funny. You should have seen your expression. It was hilarious.” Damian laughed again.

“Ha.” Henry tried to laugh but there was no heart in it.

“What’s wrong?”


Damian stared at him curiously for a while before he spoke up again.

“Is it Riley?”

Henry’s face turned beet red. He cleared his throat. “Um, uh, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to take a breather.” Then he rushed out of the room.

The End

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