Riley had the distinct feeling that something was wrong. Arriane had been in the bathroom for awhile. She pushed herself off of the small sofa, and began to make her way towards the bathroom, when Priscilla confronted her.

“What's a matter Rileykins?” She asked in an overly chipper voice.

Riley bit her lip. “I have to go pee,” she lied.

Priscilla smiled at her, a bit condescendingly. She threw her arm around Riley's neck and led her back into the living room. “Arriane is fine, albeit a bit unbalanced. It's probably a ploy for attention.”

Riley shook her head. No, that wasn't like Ari. She wasn't a drama Queen, that was Priscilla's act.

Riley tried again to push past her. “Come on Priss, my bladder is about to erupt,”

Priscilla took Riley's arm. “Come on Rileykins, go have some fun,” she gave her a less than gentle shove, in the direction of the living room. She laughed at Riley's distress and gave her one more less than gentle shove towards the couch. She landed awkwardly in Henry's lap. She could feel his breath on the back of her neck. He had gone rigid. Riley had suddenly grown clumsy as she tried to climb out of his lap. Her cheeks were flushed, as she was now blushing.

“Some things never change,” Priscilla giggled. She then proceeded to wrap herself around Damien. Damien remained stoic and impassive, in his classic 'Nothing really phases me', demeanor. Riley had adopted the same philosophy some years back, but there was something about Henry that turned her into a huge insecure dork. At university they wrote for the same paper, they were constantly in competition for their editor's approval. He had stolen the spot light from her several times. Riley found a seat couch, opposite Henry. She had forgotten entirely, what she was going to do. Priscilla poured her a glass of champagne, which she greedily downed.

The End

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