Damian stepped out of the theatre into the warm summer sun.  He was sporting a white button down underneath an unbuttoned navy blue blazer.  Not having shaved that morning, some five-o-clock shadow was coming in, giving him a rugged, Nathan Fillion type complexion.  It had been two days at work now, and he was loving the environment.  He got to go to the gym in the mornings, dance classes in the afternoons, and full cast rehearsals until 7:00. 

Needless to say, it was a dream come true.

He started the half-block walk to his new baby blue Jaguar, courtesy of the English Actors' Society.  Tonight was the night of Arriane and Riley's party, in celebration of them moving in.  "Kinda cute."  He muttered to himself, smiling.  An attractive group of young girls passed him as he opened the door to his Jag.  Damian made sure to flash them his million-dollar smile and wink as he climbed in.  They giggled to themselves and glanced repeatedly between him and the sports car, trying to decide which was prettier.

Their clothes were still on.  Wow, were these girls tame. 

Damian drove for a while.  Getting used to the London streets had taken less time than he thought it would.  After the first day, he got a hang of it. 

After a couple of minutes, he pulled up in front of a relatively shanty apartment building.  Homeless sat on the steps bickering like children, and some kids were punting a soccer ball against a old sedan.  To his right, a familiar figure waved at him.

He rolled down the window.  "Yo, Henry!"  Damian yelled.  "Get your cynical, reporter ass in my car!" 

"I'm here, I'm here..."  Henry said, getting closing the door behind him.

Damian punched him in the shouler playfully.  "They really pulled out all the stops for you, didn't they?" 

Henry grumbled and got belted in.  "I'm only here temporarily.  They weren't going to hook me up with a hotel, considering how many people are in town for the Olympics." 

Continuing to drive, Damian chuckled.  "Never questioned their motives.  They are paying you after all."

"Yeah..."  Henry scoffed.  "Not enough."

"Aaaaand, here we are..."  Damian pulled into the driveway of a homely little pale green house.

They got out, approached the door, and Damian knocked.  Riley answered.

"Hey, there!"  Damian waved and smiled.  "Somebody call an attractive young actor?"

The End

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