One week earlier...

“Hey Riley.”

“Hi Henry.” The voice on the line sounded quite flat and annoyed.

“Um, uh, I think I might have some good news?” He muttered nervously.

“What?” The voice over the phone demanded.

“I’m going to Europe too.”

“What!? You can’t be serious!” As Henry had expected, her voice sounded more upset than excited.

“Yeah, I am. I’m staying for 6 months.” He could hear muffled voices in the background. It was probably Arriane.

“Hello? Henry?” A new voice popped up, one that was a bit more excited.

“Hey Arriane.”

“Are you really coming to Europe too?”

“Yeah. I got an emergency assignment to watch the Olympics so I’m going.”

“Oh! This is so exciting!” Yeah. Totally. He just couldn’t wait to be dragged to Europe. There were more fumbling noises before the flat voice of Riley spoke up again.

“Ok. Is that it?”

“Um. Yeah.”

“K. I don’t want to waste minutes on my phone so bye.” And she hung up.

One week later...

Henry was whipped away to a grand hotel the minute he stepped off the plane. There wasn’t even time to grab his luggage. The chauffeur claimed someone was getting it but it had been a week. No suitcase of any sort. He didn’t pack anything particularly important but he still found it quite annoying to have to go out and replace his wardrobe. And the hotel toothbrushes were annoying him. And he just couldn’t stand the smell of the hotel body wash. Purple lavender and Henry Baggins do not mix well. But otherwise, the hotel was quite a nice place to live.

He had a double room with the first room as a bedroom, kitchen, and living room mixed together. The second room was a separate bathroom, huge with a full size hot tub and excessive amounts of accessories he couldn't and wouldn't ever figure out how to use. Henry felt a little freaked by the size of the bathroom and was glad he never stayed in there long. The entire place was furnished with light blue cotton curtains and a matching light blue rug. It was a cozy little place. Of course except the bathroom.

Henry was working on a report when he got a call. Dammit! He forgot to turn off his phone. He grabbed it to see who it was. Arriane? Why was she calling?

“Hello?” He answered trying to hide his crankiness but failed miserably. Being interrupted mid-report always annoyed him.

“Henry? You there?”

“Yes, obviously.” He couldn’t help but roll his eyes.



“Oh. Sorry. I thought you said you kept your phone off when you work.”

“I forgot to turn it off.”

“Oh. Whatever. Anyways. Me and Riley, we’re hosting a dinner party at our place. You’re invited. You wanna come?”

“Who’s else is coming?”

“Just us two, you and Damian.”

“Ok...” Henry stopped to think for a moment. “I’ll see.”

“You’ll see? I need an answer now! Not just an ‘I’ll see’! Preparation takes time!”

“Alright, alright.” Henry paused for a moment. Did he really want to face Riley? But then, he couldn’t just hide from her forever. “I’ll come.”

“Yes!” The voice on his phone shrieked. “Tonight at 6. Our place. See ya there. Bye.”

“Bye.” Henry dropped his phone, which landed on the ground, successfully taking out the battery cover and the battery itself. There, the thing was off now. He resumed his report but he couldn’t concentrate anymore. The side effects of mid-report again. Arrggghhhh! Arriane better make this dinner party good.

The End

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