Home Sweet HoleMature

A week later...

Riley grabbed Arriane's arm for support as they boarded their airplane. She truly hated flying. The attendant brought Riley a small paper bag to breathe into. Across from them an old man with a curious hairline was starring at Riley incredulously.

“What are you looking at Toupee?!” Riled demanded.

Arriane grabbed Riley's hand. “Please, please Riley it's only a couple more hours until we land. Don't get us kicked out now.”

Riley made a face at the toupee wearing man who in turn rolled his eyes and then busied himself with a newspaper


Hours that seemed like days later, Riley and Arriane were transported via cab from an airport in london into their new townhouse. Their cargo had been shipped carelessly and placed in the front hall.

They stepped into their two story town house that they were renting out that summer. It was the first time either of them had seen the interior. Riley picked up a box. She pulled out her key and jammed it into the slot, wriggling it around roughly causing a bracelet constructed out of soda can tabs to jangle about on her wrist. She pushed the door open and an anxious Arriane stepped in front of her with her arms outspread.

“Home sweet-

  • “Hole,” Riley interrupted dropping a box of keepsakes she was balancing in one arm. Her attention went towards a small hole that resided in the corner of the living room. Other than that the house was just as they expected. Riley even nodded giving it her seal of approval. The kitchen was tiny with a small island instead of a table, which was fine. Neither of them planned on cooking too much in it. They would be eating out or ordering in for the most part, at least that was their plan.

    Deciding it was best to put the television in front of the hole. They moved most of the heavier items without causing too much damage to the interior. Riley set up her bedroom, keeping it professional she left the walls nearly bare and only set up a laptop and a desk for her writing, in hopes that her carrier would soon take off.

    Riley was examining the odd relics and decor she has positioned around her bedroom when Arriane stood in the open doorway. Riley turned towards Arriane. She could tell what she was thinking just by the excited look on her face; it mirrored her own reaction. They finally had their own place and that alone was reason to celebrate.

    “I called a few people,” Arriane announced before donning a phony french accent “We are having out first ever Laurent/Hahn dinner party,”

The happy expression on Riley's face faltered. “What? Who?”

Arriane smiled ignoring her change in demeanor. “Damian and Henry!”

Riley crossed her arms turning away from Arriane. “It's my first night,” she grumbled. “I don't want to have to play nice with Henry. He's such a..” Riley paused searching for the right words.

“Nice person?” Arriane suggested.

Riley made a face, “He's irritating, a total buzz kill” she muttered.

Arriane ignored Riley's protests. “Too late I already invited him.”

Riley groaned. “Well un-invite him.”

Arriane shook her head, “That would be rude.”

Riley plopped down on her bed, a smile spread across her face as an idea formed in her mind. Riley pulled out her cell phone.

“What are you doing?” Arriane demanded.

Riley ignored her and stabbed at the buttons of her phone with vengeance. Arriane knew how Riley felt about Henry, yet she purposefully ignored her feelings when she invited him. Two could play at that game, Riley thought childishly. “Hello is Priscilla Edwards available?” Arriane lunged for Riley's phone Riley laughed as she turned bounced off of the bed waiting to be connected with Arriane's old nemesis.

The End

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