Graduations and Business TripsMature

"Ahh!" Arriane shrieked. Damian? Going to Europe with them? Riley looked up quizzically from her packing and she realised she had no idea what was going on. "Hold on, bro, I'm putting you on speaker."

Arriane sat her 'Droid phone on the floor and looked at Riley enthusiastically. 

"Hey, Riley! Guess I'm travelling with you guys," came Damian's muffled voice from the speaker. 

Her mouth gaped and she dropped the stack of philosophy books (Arriane's) that she had been shoving into a box. Thoughts of packing were foregone as Riley yelled.

"With us? How?!"

He quickly relayed the conversation with his agent while Arriane smiled happily. She thought she'd lose him forever, her across the ocean and him in NYC. She figured he would have gotten married, had a couple of kids, and forgotten about her entirely. Now, that might not happen.

"So I'll be leaving in a couple weeks, probably right after your graduation, but as soon as you guys get settled down I'll come to see you," Damian continued explaining. Riley looked overjoyed- he was one of her best friends, though she didn't feel the same way about him as Arriane did. Then her phone vibrated. 

"Hold on, I'm getting a call... it's Henry," Riley said. She pulled out her cheap Verizon model and answered it as Arriane took Damian off of speaker.


"The boss wants you," came the scratchy secretary's voice from the intercom. There was a pause. "Now, Priscilla."

The blonde beauty grumbled and got up from her desk at her high-paying job at Macy's department store. Priscilla straightened her classy business suit and left the office, walking up a flight of stairs.

The polished oak door was opened by an attendant and a deep voice welcomed her.

"Come in."

Priscilla walked in and surveyed the CEO's office- much nicer than her own, with leather chairs and an oak desk that matched the door. 

"I have an important assignment for you," said the heavy man behind the desk. "You will be going on a ten month business trip to evaulate and gather stock for this company. Our year's success relies on you. You have no room to argue and you will be leaving in two weeks. I suggest you start packing."

"But-" Priscilla grumbled. Two weeks wasn't a very big notice, especially when she had sooo many things to look after. Housekeeping, her husband, dog care...

"No buts. Goodbye."

The attendant shut the door behind her with a slam.

The End

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