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"Well kid, I got some good news, and I got some bad news."  Giovanni said, staring at Damian sadly.

Damian attempted a casual glance out the cafe window towards the dreary Manhattan streets.  His acting agent, Giovanni Barrucia had called him down to a vintage diner on a remarkably muggy thursday, but wouldn't tell him why over the phone.  In the business, that meant something serious.  Two weeks ago, word had gotten out that the lead in Book of Mormon was getting tired.  Damian, being a rabid fan of musical theatre and fresh out of college, had been first in line at the auditions.

Today, Giovanni was going to let him know how that all turned out. 

He tried to be nonchalant, doing various casual actions like tousing out his hair in the window's reflection, but Giovanni saw right through it.  He had been in the business for years and saw that Damian was incredibly nervous.

"You got in..."  Giovanni started.

Damian's face lit up like a set of christmas lights.

"...To the chorus."  The agent finished, looking at the floor.

A long period of silence.  Damian's heart was busy breaking, and Giovanni was busy trying to think of what to say.

"I'm sorry kid...  You're talented, and we both know it."  Giovanni looked him in the face, with a real heart-to-heart expression.  "And there are...  other options."

The young actor's ears perked up at that.  Other options?  Book of Mormon won the Tony award for Best Musical last year.  What other option?

"The Broadway guys weren't the only peeps watching last week...  There was somebody from England there, looking to start a London cast."

Damien was stunned.  "And..?"

"Elder Price."  Giovanni grinned.  "They want you to be the lead."


A few happy dances and shots later, Giovanni had to duck out to deal with another client.  Damian didn't leave though, he just sat there for hours with a chocolate malt, mulling over the future as it evolved around him.  He was about to go to England to become a professional actor.  His dreams were coming true all around him.  Henry was gonna flip when he heard Damian was in one of his favorite musicals.

But best of all, he would get to see a group of people. 

A group of people who we hadn't seen in a long time, and didn't expect to see ever again.

Damian pulled out his iPhone, grinning like a stoned lottery winner.


"Hey, Arriane?  It's Damian."

A pause.  A bit too long, as if she had a hard time processing something about that sentence.  "Yeah, sherlock...  I have caller ID.  How goes the limelight?"

"As good as it gets."  Damian grinned wildly.  "You girls in London, yet?"

"Yeah...  Moving's a @$#&%, though.  Missing University already."  She sounded sad.

"Career's gotta happen sometimes, girly."  Damian plopped down a considerable tip in front of the waitress and winked at her coolly.  "Hey, remember when you recommended the London Stage to me?"  The waitress was taken aback, both charmed and appreciative.

"Yeah, you told me NYC was where it's at.  Why do you ask?"

Once again, Damian smiled.  "Woman, you won't believe this..."

Happiness ensues.

The End

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