An Unpleasant SurpriseMature

Henry walked out of the opera house. That was a wonderful way to spend the night, but of course, he would have to deal with spending extra time tomorrow toiling over the excessive amount of reports he was supposed to look over and edit, not that he hated his job. It just really bugged him. He understood that the boss really liked him, (she did at some point mention that she was single, a fact that scared Henry so much, he almost called in sick for a week) and that he was great at the job (being humble was not Henry’s favorite choice of ways), but being sent so many reports, most which were going to be cut out anyways, to look over was very frustrating.

Henry arrived at his apartment around ten. It was a small place, simple and uncluttered with nothing too fancy. It was cheap and fitted him well. He felt too empty in those big mansions and a bit claustrophobic in the smaller ones. He definitely had a very hard time trying to find the perfect place. It wasn’t that he was a very picky person, he just preferred to live under more pleasing circumstances.

Henry plopped down on a couch and turned on the television. He didn’t even know why he got this thing. It was probably the most high-tech and expensive piece of equipment in the entire place, other than his computer. He thought it would fit in well and it did. Henry flipped through the channels for a little while before he threw the remote down again feeling exasperated. He didn’t understand why society liked to watch such terrible shows or stand to waste fifteen minutes for every hour of their lives staring at repeating commercials that blabbered on about men who have testosterone problems. He turned off the TV and pulled over a stack of papers waiting to be read. This was going to be a long night.

Three hours later...

Henry flew through the reports and finally finished the last one. There. No need to worry about tomorrow anymore. His face was slightly flushed from concentration and he had a small grin on his face. He was just about to get up to go to bed when his phone rang. He jumped the sudden noise but then lunged for the phone.

“Hello?” He spoke “groggily”, slurring his speech a little to make it sound real.

“Excuse me but is this Mr. Baggins?” A fuzzy voice asked. Henry was going to have to fix the phone cord again.

“Yes.” He responded.

“Great! We have an emergency assignment for you. The reporter who was supposed to leave for London tomorrow for a six-month stay to report on the Olympics just backed out with a family emergency so we’re having you fill in for him. Your flight leaves this morning at 7. We’ll have someone waiting for you at your apartment at 5.”

Henry stood there shocked for a moment.

“Hello? Mr. Baggins? Are you still there?”

“Yes. Yes. I’m still here. What about the reports I’m supposed to finish?”

“We’ve made arrangements so everything has been taken over for you. Miss Leiss wanted you to be able to leave without any worries.”

Miss Leiss. Of course. His boss.

“I- Can I think about it?”

“We’re really sorry sir, but you’re the only person that would be fit to do this so that would be a no.”

“But, I don’t even have a passport!” That was a lie. Oops.

“We can have that covered for you sir.”

“Oh... Fine.” He finally grumbled.

“Thank you Mr. Baggins. Don’t forget to show up! Good luck sir!” Then the connection was lost.

Henry sat down. He didn’t want to go. It wasn’t that he didn’t like London, he had been there before, but all of this was too sudden. Henry had a particular hatred of sudden changes. But he had accepted. There was nothing to do now but to pack.

A few hours later...

Mr. Baggins walked out of his apartment complex with a small suitcase. A black car was waiting for him. The chauffeur took his suitcase and put it in the trunk. Mr. Baggins entered the car and it drove away.

This was going to be a long ride....

The End

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