Closed collaboration between myself, CassieK, toxicemu, and frosty_the_lindo. Five friends of Pennsylvania, USA, end up in Europe. Together- the highschool priss, the charming actor, the reporter, the two girls with problems- will find themselves, what really makes them.

Arriane and Riley sat across from each other, utterly bored, in their last class of the day. In fact, it was the last class of their last year of University. The two had been going for four years, each aiming for a masters’ degree in the arts. Their language professor droned on. Arriane exchanged a smirk with Riley from across the aisle. Riley, who was supposed to be taking notes, had resorted to tying her pencil into her long red hair, trying to see if it would stay in. Arriane suppressed a snicker and glanced at the clock. Fifteen more minutes. She groaned impatiently; she had so wanted to be done with this class. Last class, then the graduation ceremony tomorrow, and within a month they’d be off to Europe. Arriane and Riley had been planning this tour of England since they were 13. Arriane had always wanted to visit and Riley didn’t mind either, so off they went, planning.

But now, 9 years later, Arriane was having doubts. Did she really want to leave her family? She knew tickets were expensive, and she wouldn’t be able to see them that often if she decided to move there. And what of the rest of her friends? Sure, Riley was coming, but Henry and Damian were staying in the US…

Henry, one of her only male friends, was short, lean, and blond. Though he was a year younger than Arriane and Riley both, he had already finished his last year of University. He was currently working as an editor for a newspaper in Utah, a long piece away from homely Pennsylvania, where Riley, Arriane, Henry, and Damian had grown up. Even though Henry wasn’t in-state, it’d still be harder to see him if she moved across the ocean to a different country entirely.

Damian, the other, was tall and had brown hair and eyes. He was off in NYC right then, looking to hit Broadway and the big screens as an actor. Riley and Arriane rarely saw him, and she missed him a lot... 

"Class dismissed." 

Everyone shot out of their chairs and raced out of the classroom. Arriane caught up with Riley.

"Finally, freedom!" Riley yelled. Arriane burst out laughing.

"Yeah, freedom to pack up our dorm," she pointed out.

Riley groaned. "Come on, we better hurry up then."

They walked off to their shared dormitory. 

The End

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