Death Date

Emily Brunwin

I knew the ins and outs of the orphanage better than any other resident, I had been there way too long! I flumped down on the bed, tears swelling up in my blue eyes. I grabbed the old photograph of my parents off the bedside table and pressed it against my chest, tears now making a steady cause down my cheeks. 

It had now been 8 years to the day since my parents had died and I had been brought to this old run down orphange where she was to spend the rest of my childhood alone.

I had never really bonded with any of the other children, mainly because I was frightened that if I got too close to them, then sooner or later they will leave and I will be forgotten about, as they set off to live a brand new exciting life.

I had often wished that some distant relative would suddenly appear and wiske  me away from this nightmere, but there was no-one and so all that I could do is wait patiently for the right person to come along.

The floor outside her bedroom creaked slightly, as it always does when someone was coming to the end of the corridor where my room was situated. Placing the photo of my parents back on the bedside table I went to open the door to see who was there.

A young boy had his back to the door, he had blond hair, and I didn't recognise him at all. 

New, she thought 

"Can I help you?" I said politely to the boy

The boy jumped and spun round, he looked scared

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, are you okay?"

"h...hello" he stammered, "My name is Milton, I came today who are you?

"My name is Emily, nice to meet you Milton"



The End

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