Fifteen Rules to Being 1JamesSummer

1. Never forget your injections

2. Do your bloodtests

3. Never forget to rock out, rave and bow to the Queen of all awesomeness...Hayley Williams...obviously

4. Listen to Paramore every day. At least twice a day.

5. Never go one day without a Protagonize session.

6. Find out whether that's how you spell session.

7. Never leave the UK, unless it's on a holiday.

8. Never go out alone in my neighbourhood.

9. Recite the first page of Twilight every morning.

10. Purposefully wake up late for school.

11. Do not flick your hair in public, because you need to go to lessons, the way you're doing it.

12. Talk in the first person.

13. Forget that last one, I wanna be a rebel.

14. Be rebellious.

15. Constantly try to make people at school know that you liked Airplanes, Starstrukk (3OH!3 ft. Katy Perry) and Pyramid (Charice ft. IYAZ) before they became popular. Because you did :/

The End

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