fifteen rules to being bookbanana

1)  Love the Lord with all your heart

2) Have way to many ideas in your head, head explosions have been known to happen

3) Find the bright side to everything, unless everyone else is in which case you should find the downer

4) Have the bestest friends!!!!

5) Be secretive, and don't tlet too many secrets out in the same bag

6) Have friends all over the world!!!! 

7) Live with a purpose, not simply for pleasure

8) Love the thunder and lightning storms!!!

9) Explore everything, and leave out no details

10) expand the vocabulary, and think in accents when you say funny words

11) Find something interesting in EVERYTHING!

12) Laugh lots, it adds to your life and is mre fun than crying

13) Don't worry about guys yet, they can be bothersome

14) Love everyone, even your enemies, it's more challenging and rewarding than hating them, and it's healthier

15) Think Protagonize is pretty much AWESOME!

The End

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