Fifteen Rules to Being Euphrates

1) Be a "smart" blond.

2) Be partly insane. Seem insane to most people, actually.

3) Be pretty athletic; run a lot.

4) Watch a lot of old movies and read a lot of old books. And enjoy them.

5) Eat lots of apples. I don't know why, but they're more addicting than chocolate for me. At least they're healthy.

6) Do really great celebrity impressions, mostly of 90s actors and actresses (I have no idea where I got this talent, but it comes in handy sometimes...bwahaha).

7) Have amazing friends.

8) Have a lot of inside jokes with aforementioned friends. Make sure they don't make any sense, even if you explain them.

9) Be pretty optimistic. Sometimes.

10) Be very critical of books and movies, especially if they're recommended.

11) Laugh at scary movies and their plots.

12) Laugh at emotional movies, as well. Whether it's the terrible acting or "intricate" plotline, I always tend to do this.

13) Listen to alternative music. And listen to a lot of it.

14) Write WAY too much, and then get so many ideas you can't possibly get them all down before you forget them.

15) Visualize all of your stories as you write them. I do this way too much, and then I may or may not speak for the characters as I write.

The End

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