Fifteen Rules To Being Flora

  1. Be five foot tall (or thereabouts.)
  2. Argue with Tanya every time you see her.
  3. Annoy people by speaking Japanese.
  4. Have a laugh which is almost always funnier than the thing that's supposed to be funny.
  5. Laugh at the bits in films you're not supposed to laugh at. Especially evil laughs. Heeheehee.
  6. Go hyper very often.
  7. Be able to send subliminal messages to a friend.
  8. Be able to send telepathic messages to Emily.
  9. Read. All the time. In bed. In school. Under the table during lessons. In between tunes at strings orchestra. Anywhere.
  10. Write. All the time. In bed. On the top pitch. During maths. During English. During Spanish. During French. During Geography. During History. Under the table in lessons. Especially in lessons. ALWAYS write in RE.
  11. Have about six notepads, and never be able to find more than four of them at the same time.
  12. Have questionable sanity.
  13. Be a chocoholic.
  14. My hair is not brown. It's dark brown. It is. OH YES IT IS, AMY CHANG.
  15. *~*THE MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!*~*
The End

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