Fifteen Rules to Being Emily

1) Be weird. Yes, it is weird to be weird. If it was normal to be weird then it wouldn't be weird, would it?

2) Say a lot of things that don't make sense to other people do make sense to you (even if they don't make sense to you).

3) Be a really bad guesser. Why? I don't know. It can't be anything to do with being me, can it?

4) Point out the obvious a lot. I mean a lot a lot. OH MY GOSH THERE ARE CLOUDS IN THE SKY! 

5) Have a few crazy friends, but also have friends that help you to stay focused, otherwise you can't focus on obeying the rules. But you still have to be able to send telepathic messages to all of them.

6) Suddenly change your hairstyle after having the same one for most of your life. No, it doesn't matter if it makes you look like a five year old.

7) If you meet someone with a name like Andy Andrews, their name is AWESOME and they should know it.

8) When watching films like Dear John, don't cry. Yell stuff like WHY THE HELL DID SHE DO THAT!?!?!?!?!?

9) The fridge does have food in it. You're just not looking properly. What's wrong with the cheese slices? 

10) Write. Write. Write. Even if it's a maths lesson, write your most recent story. Write with your friends. Write on your own. Write with people you've never met before. Get your pen and some paper (or your laptop) and WRITE SOMETHING.

11) It's not team Jacob OR team Edward - they're both strange. It's team JASPER.

12) Read. Read all the books you can. Cram your room with books. Your loft is full of boxes with your books in. Get obsessed with a series and still be obsessed with it when you've finished reading it. THEN get obsessed with another series! Read so much that you start getting annoyed with characters and yelling at them. Read the same book six times! You get the picture. Wait! No you don't, because the books you read don't have pictures! 

13) Fictional characters are real. It is completely OK to talk about then as if they're real, because they are. No, it's not normal, but if it was then you'd be breaking rule one. It IS possible to kill fictional characters, especially if they're from the House of Night series. It's also legal. 

14) You don't have to be home alone. Whatever music you're listening to, grab the nearest thing that could be used as a makeshift microphone and prance around crazily singing louder than the music into it. 

15) Have the finding things problem. You put something somewhere, someone else moves it, you ask where it is, nobody knows because if you'd put it somewhere you'd find it then you'd know where it was. Your room looks more like a war zone than a bedroom, but if it's tidy you have no idea where anything is. 

The End

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