15 Rules To Being Duda

1. Sing to every song you hear, whether you like it or not, whether you're good or not. It doesn't ultimately matter. Just sing.

2. Listen to music in foreign languages you don't necessarily understand. Sing to those as well.

3. When home alone get dressed up, turn up the music really loud and dance and sing in front of a mirror.

4. Laugh. A lot. It makes life a lot better.

5. Update your facebook status every ten minutes. Five. Hell, one. It doesn't matter, if a song comes up that means something just put it on facebook.

6. Have a video productions group with your best friends. Give it a weird name and even weirder credits. Put your videos up on youtube and facebook. Flaming Ovaries, Ramen For Breakfast, and Outhouse Lair are taken. Just saying.

7. True friends are people you can be yourself with. Feel free to be silly, to pet their faces and bite their arms when they poke you on facebook. Trust me they will do the same.

8. Everything happens for a reason. Feel free to hate something but remember that if it happened you needed it. And you will grow from it.

9. Be there for those you care about. Listen to them. Put them first. Being an unlicenced, unpaid, and completely biased therapist is quite rewarding.

10. Meet random cover bands that play good music. Talk to the band members. Make friends. Soon you will have bets, lists, inside jokes and spotlights on you randomly. If you live in Orlando Hypersona is mine, sorry :)

11. Be nice to people you wish would stop talking to you. They probably need a friend way more than you need the time you would have if you didn't have to deal with their certainty of being a part dog.

12. On the flip side of #11 be mean to your friends randomly. It gets what you wanted to do/say to those on #11 out of your system, but they know you are kidding. They do the exact same to you.

13. Be best friends with the devil. She is 5'4" weighs 100 pounds and hates everybody. But if you're her friend there will be a V.I.P. party in hell. There will be cookies :)

14. Live with your best friend. Make sure her mom in entering menopause, her dog barks at every flying leaf and her cat is slightly antisocial, but adorable. There will never be a dull moment.

15. Watch Lost over and over. Make your friends watch it. Have periodic marathons.

The End

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