1) ^ The title is an example. Do not follow the crowd and if the crowd doesn't follow you it doesn't matter. (:

2) Never take no for an answer. Seriously, never.

3) A mistake will always be a mistake no matter how much you try to rub them out. Just take a breather and start a fresh.

4) When a klutz, just smile and say "my bad."

5) Use random Yiddish phrases - it's a dying language, people!

6) Fail whale!

7) Life: hate the bad times but love the good.

8) Look at the world from a different perspective.

10) Laugh at sad films and crave ghost stories - mwhahahaha.

11) Make extremely random and pointless videos and post them on your facebook page so your [bored] friends can watch them.

12) Ask pointless questions because you may find that the answers aren't so useless at all.

13) Short people rule! :D

14) Make people laugh because the sound of their laughter is the MOST wonderful sound in the world.

15) SMILE! (:

The End

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