Fifteen Rules to being West

1) Notice things. However small, however insignificant, notice them. You never know when they'll come in handy.

2) Write. All the time. I'm not joking. If your pen isn't touching paper, ask yourself why.

3) Talk to people. Hear what they have to say. Everyone has a story, and you can tell it.

4) When you're not talking to people, listen to music. Music tells stories too.

5) Put your heart and soul into whatever you're doing. If you can't, then stop doing it.

6) Sometimes you have to let go. You can't be serious all the time!

7) Sometimes you have to be serious. Balance out Rule Six!

8) Be rash! Laugh! Shout out 'pasta' whenever you feel like it. Random is good! Crazy is better! Be bright, funny, friendly, and completely mad. If people don't like it, that's their problem.

9) Always be you. No matter what people say or what they think, do what you want to do.

10) If everyone else is doing it, forget it and do something else.

11) Remind yourself who you are when you feel lost late at night. Remind yourself what you've achieved, and what you want to achieve. And remind yourself that it's okay you're not a published author yet - you're just fourteen!

12) Remember you have to conform to some things in life and go on unquestioningly. You can't fight life every step of the way.

13) Don't try to hide. Tell yourself not to be shy, to get out there and be you. Tell yourself that just because you're young and an amateur doesn't mean people don't like you, don't want to talk to you. Be confident!

14) Surround yourself with the people you like and who like you, and don't worry about the rest of the world.

15) Love life, and everything in it.

The End

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