Fifteen Rules to Being Ricky

1.  Never let anyone that doesn't work in a salon touch your hair.

2. Charge MP3 player when going to bed, update with music that downloaded overnight in the morning.

3. Smile when you're showing off, especially if you're the best in the room at what you're doing.  Respond to the endless applause with a modest "thanks".

4. Remind yourself that you are exceptionally intelligent, talented and blessed.  Downplay your abilities to everyone else.

5. Play all music loudly. Louder.

6. Flee from any room that has a crying infant in it.

7. Daydream constantly.

8. Wear whatever fits, don't worry about looking nice unless someone attractive is involved.

9. Dance at shows. Standing still is for losers.

10. Let your worries overwhelm you while you're in the shower.

11. Blow your smoke in the air.

12. Listen to entire albums from start to finish.

13. Remind people that you're going to be a star one day. If you say it enough times, maybe it will come true.

14. Expect something out of nothing.

15. Remind yourself that you are just like everyone else. Similar to rule number four, this rule takes place after the realization that you just might be nothing at all.

The End

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