Fifteen Rules to being Rachael Runes

1) Your dreams are your dear friends, even if they do make you question your sanity. 

2) Yesterday is important, but so is tomorrow, and so is today. And the only thing that determines either of these is what we choose to value most.

3) Be proud to be weird. Eccentricities make us human. Use your mind and speak it, as conformity is not cooleth.

4) Yeah, there is something lurking in the house when you think you're alone. Making funny faces at yourself in the mirror and dancing badly to alternative rock scares them off.

5) Don't walk under the obese aquatic mammal that dwells on the ceiling with the aid of an off-brand adhesive glue or alternately, velcro. The cosmic horrors of the universe might not be in a good mood and it might not end well.

6) Money is imaginary. The paper means nothing to anyone but us, except the millions of trees that die to fuel our materialism. And regardless of how much of it you have, it wont make you superior to anyone or anything.

7) Eat well, laugh often, or the giant, face-eating egg rolls will come and do the obvious.

8) Love people and hate people at the same time, or rather, the things they do. But don't hate for long and with a passion. It obscures your eyes.

9) Welcome our future Cephalopod Overlords, because really, tentacles are for hugging.

10) Have a sort of humble, healthy faith in yourself. 

11) There is a strange beauty and even comedy even in what scares us the most. Many may not understand this point of view, but by appreciating the darker facets of existence, it makes what is positive and uplifting even more sacred in comparison. So study what is disturbing, and gradually come to understand that not everything will be pretty and peachy by our standards, but not everything will be ugly and deranged as well. 

12) If they wont accept you for the goofball you are, then find better friends.

13) Family is supposed to be always there for you, and if someone in your family is not, then someone else out there will.

14) Insects do not have nociceptors and do not feel pain. And they will not feel guilty or apologetic after they have chopped off bits of your skin with their mandibles or sucked at your juicy bloodstream juice with their proboscis. Run! And admire them from a distance.

15) Be kind to those who need or give it, and avoid those who do not. Then, you'll always be remembered as the one who cared, and maybe your actions will inspire others and thus reverberate forever.


The End

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