Fifteen Rules to Being Anixa-Renee

1.       Think out of the box. Not regular out of the box, but so far out of the box that you have to ask directions in another language to find it again.

2.       Take long strides when you walk, especially when angry so that you create a breeze that blows back your hair and creates the avenging war goddess affect.

3.       Don’t follow trends, set them.

4.       Don’t walk; strut like you’re a model on a runway.

5.       When you run, run fast, like a cheetah.

6.       Be slightly klutzy, but still graceful when you fall/run into things.

7.       Dress creatively. Take something from another time/decade and make it yours.

8.       Have long hair. Always. Long meaning at least below the shoulders.

9.       Never EVER dye your hair another color. The natural color is much prettier than anything out of a box.

10.    Don’t trust a guy with gorgeous eyes, whatever comes out of their mouth is usually a lie.

11.    Be hyper.

12.    Always wear a tank top under your shirt.

13.    Always have something with you to write down for whenever random inspiration hits. Because it’s random and will come at any random time. (Did I over use random?)

14.    Friends mean WAY more than guys, don’t ever let one come between you, cuz one day the guy will leave and you’ll be alone.

15.    Be original, be yourself. Reinvent yourself when you start to get boring.

The End

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