Ferver of the FlameMature


Hmmmm What to say. First off, hes a prince. Woo hoo   Life jeopardized by assassins during a party in a neighboring Queen's castle, big conspiracy including some other kings that were his fathers enemies. King is revolutionary, people chosen king of the free land, everyone lives equally in close nearby communities tied strong by trade and all within an eyes sight from the gates. Most are fortified, one in the mountains and separate from all. in the forest and desert oasises, all hard to get to except by way of other town(s) nearby Underground passages, including trick passages, heavily guarded and watched.

New advancements in architecture, new structures always being built in replace of old ones, in some towns, and in others, the only buildings that are old are in the center and heavily built, flame resistant and nearly indestructible. Irrigation systems, focused on learning and constructing a place for all to be safe, secure, and learn emphasis on separate individual themes for every town- oasis, ocean, waterfall, forest, mountain, hill, river, cave.  The people- and especially the king- are hated for their new views and non-militarized status. Radicals. There are aprox. 50 different countries around, all medium to small. the one i am speaking of, the main characters heirloom is of course a small country solely due to the compactness of the towns to each other. the towns are relatively big each, but are small in number. 8 in all, for each scene listed above. There is an assassination group, a dark cult that is paid a large sum of money to ensure the king's death.


Starts off depressing, ends with justice and freedom prevailing. From poverty to seclusion, the country moves and secludes itself from the other countries and ends up advanced and intellectual. Still around in Anden's time, only a rumor. The final resting place of the prince is where someone finds a cursed sword.


Each country conspires against each other but join together to conspire against other countries and try to become stronger for themselves to overcome the power balance between all of these countries divided.

The End

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