Female Characters

I had these ideas for female characters, and no stories to put them in. If you're having trouble trying to create a believable or well-rounded female character, feel free to steal these. Also feel free to add more if you just want to get them out of your head and onto the page!


If I had to assign a colour to Rosie, I would pick a pink. 

Not some barbie pink, or a deep mauve, but a pretty, light, peach pink. She is a floral shirt made of gossamer, and long skirts with brown leather belts. She is bright in mind and plain in vision. She has golden hair and ordinary features. She is flat-chested and thin, and has little shape in her legs. She likes to wear jeans sometimes. She likes to keep some clothes clean, and likes to get some dirty. She likes to play football with the boys. She likes to wear make-up and pretend to be thin. She hates short dresses, unless they're floaty. She likes soft fabrics that catch the breeze, and she likes to let her hair catch the breeze too. She isn't strong, and you can topple her over quickly, but she runs fast and keeps out of trouble. If she was cornered, she'd cry silently and wait until the last second to hit her attacker. She doesn't like to hurt people. She's very smart, and she does watercolour paintings with biro over the top. She likes colours that look slightly bleached. Her room has flower patterns on the curtains. She likes Cath Kidson, because it makes her feel more extraordinary and expensive than she feels she is. She has a very small waist. She likes flat pumps more than heels or boots. She is a very sweet person, and there is little fire within her until it is absolutely necessary. 


If I had to choose a colour for Maddie, it would be a very dark purple. 

Maddie likes leather and black, but she doesn't want to seem intimidating. She likes jeans and skirts, but feels pretty in neither. She gets nervous around new people, so nervous she sometimes throws up. She is very loud when she's comfortable, and people think she's odd. She has dark hair and pale skin. She likes to make her eyes look darker, and her eyebrows especially. She wants to be strong and works out a lot, but she still has a layer of fat on her. This means she has big-boobs, but also a slightly flabby stomach that she hates. She likes running in the evenings of very hot summer days, and at very few other times. Because she feels fat, she likes to push herself to her physical limit to feel like she's in power. When she's nervous she rubs her thumb against her first finger. She worries constantly. She feels that if she hasn't worked for something, she doesn't deserve it. She feels overwhelmed a lot of the time, and often tired. She likes to have friends that are boys, but she never feels like she quite fits in with them. She is a feminist, and she's not afraid of it. She loves her hair long, but she cut it off because she felt trapped by it. She thinks that if someone is going to dislike her because she's a girl so she shouldn't have short hair, then she doesnt want to be friends with them anyway. She likes to be centre of attention, but only for a few minutes at a time.


If I had to assign a colour to Karen, it would be a very light bluey green. 

Karen likes oil paintings and old things. She likes to feel connected to the earth and history. She's very fit, like an indigenous person, but has a very long nose. She is neither pretty nor plain nor unpleasant. She just is. She has very thin thighs that look odd in jeans. They don't look as though they should be able to support her. She hates fake eyelashes and loves mascara. She thinks foundation makes her look orange, no matter how pale it is. She is fairly comfortable with how she looks, but she prefers not to go to formal events such as prom because she feels her broad shoulders and fairly small chest look too masculine, and that people would laugh at her. She is very romantic, but she finds it hard to make new relationships as she is very shy in one-on-one situations. She plays classical guitar and is very good at it. She loves to learn ancient folk songs and do her hair in traditional styles. She wants to get a tattoo of an olive branch on the arch of her right foot. She loves how black tribal tattoos look on brown skin. She has incredibly light blond hair and freckles, and she burns in the sun easily. She has stretch marks on her stomach despite being slim because her skin is very delicate. She likes when boys hold her waist because it makes her feel more feminine. She loves her teddy bears and knitted animals, though she is somewhat ashamed of her collection. She likes boys with fluffy hair. She likes to read books on trees and wildlife. She likes her garden because it is wild, and her favourite place is a forest in May, when the bluebells are out. 


If I had to choose a colour for Jess, I would pick blue, like a humid summer sky in England. 

Jess likes jeans with heels. She likes short skirts and heels too. She likes to design dresses. She likes to play hockey. She has a very round face, and rounded cheekbones. She has very dark skin. She has very short afro hair and she likes to wear bold colours and jewellery. She also like greys and subtle things as well, but she doesn't like to admit it. Her bright dress sense is in some ways a defense mechanism, as it makes her look more confident than she is. She likes to read books, any books. Even boring ones. Especially ones that are yellowing. She finds society depressing, and feels education is the only way society can move forward. So, she reads books both to escape and to educate herself about other people's viewpoints. She absorbs each book into her soul. She had a fairly troubled family, as she was raised by a single father who was fairly absent of mind (crazy) so she used books as an escape when she was young too. People tend to be intimidated by the idea of a strong, well-educated black woman and she manipulates this to her advantage. It also makes her angry. She works very hard for long periods of time, then goofs off from her work for weeks. She has a loud laugh. She has big eyes and long black eyelashes, which she loves. She hates how big her lips are, as she feels like a caricature of herself. She loves to sing, but not in front of people. She is often nervous, but never shows it. She's quite a good people person, and easy to approach. 

The End

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