Feeling Happy

I am happy and I will not be begrudged my happiness.

I am so happy! And you laugh with me, embracing easily this divine lightness of spirit. I tell you why I feel so invigorated—I have been born again with the wings of a dove beating inside my chest. Never letting go of You.

Then you begin to mock me; you turn away from the name of faith, though just hours ago you smiled at this happy aura of love emanating from the spiritual dimension.

It’s okay; I know you aren’t yet lost for evermore. You have strayed, adrift—but you will find Him again. Yes, through your contempt you are curious, smiling again at my persevering gladness.

Ridicule the celestial supernova all you like, but I beg that you heed the fruits of joy. Gladness is a blessing; it is only a threat to your mortal comfort. Do not fear me while I am offering you this chance; deny again the Truth and you can never be as innocently happy as you see me now.

You think I’m naïve? You say I pretend suffering does not exist? You know that isn’t the case at all—there is only a subtle gradient between euphoric praise and solemn prayer; there is fervour and ardour in them both.

Would you prefer me to be inconsolably dejected? You know I’m only pretty when I’m smiling; why would I pretend, as you said before, that awe and ecstasy do not exist? Happiness is my evangelism. I preach to you with the glitter in my eyes.

I’m not willing away the wrongs of this world—I accept that it is putrid and sultry. But there is still hope. Don’t you see how I’m embracing courage in the very midst of all this death and devastation? I cry when I’m alone. But He always lifts me up again so I can try to make a difference. I’m trying to amend your fate.

One day, I will.

Your feet will be firmly planted upon the solid path to righteousness—I know it! Through this joy of mine I will inspire you. You will see the Truth in my smile. You will be warmed by the glow His Light has kindled in my soul. You will know why my spirit seems so light—to you, oddly, it glowed even after you scoffed at my claim to devout conviction.

I love you. You—each and every one of you and united all together—are my people—you are His people. Someday we will list up our voices in unison, in honour of the heavenly Mystery. You have faults—as do I—but there is hope in your heart. You don’t realise it yet, but you are seeking Him. You always have been. And you will find Him.

I want to help you to find Him! I want to direct you to the Highway of Holiness! I want to be a medium of faith between these opposing dimensions. See my happiness, won’t you, as marvellous, incredulous, miraculous belief?

But it isn’t just belief. It’s devotion. Devoted to You. Devoted to your salvation.

I can save you. Are you willing to be saved?

The End

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