Feeling Valued

Just a short rant; one of my revelations!

You know that feeling when you are finally valued for yourself?

I have been hugging everyone for the past three days, because I have felt the need to share that value I felt this weekend, hugging and being hugged multiple times a day, by affectionate people who make me feel that I am loved for myself.

At school, even amongst my closest friends, who I love very much and very dearly, though I have little in common with them as regards hobbies and out-of-school interests, I am called names that invoke such a pride that I grieve to feel.

And then I spend a weekend with others, with whom normally I would see little – but they are people who share my innermost beliefs and my most heartfelt aspirations, though, again, not perhaps my hobbies. And I finally realise that I have no secrets. I do not have to prove myself, even to myself, to live up to those prideful names or stereotypes. What better person to be than myself? I no longer need to say clever things to follow with the common belief that I am a clever person. I am valued for whoever I am, with no mention of who I am supposed to be, but only that I am loved for whoever that person is.

These friends who do not understand – I love them so, but they do not know and they cannot know. They scarcely try to know, because they do not know that there is anything to know. But there is so much, so very much, and I cannot communicate this through words. Words were never meant to be said. They were meant to be perceived, and the only way in which I can communicate my message so that my friends know as they should know, is to act.

So now I must let everyone know that I am valued, and that they are valued, through respect, friendship and self-control – and through hugging them, so that they might know that they are wonderful whoever they might be. No person is a comparison, and each person should be given credit for who they are without being given names and titles which can only give them the binding compulsion to live up to.

Be the best that you can be, because you are loved for it.

The End

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