Words of Magic

A - âme (French), amethyst, aurore (French)

B - baffle, beguile

C - chasm, chipper, copious

D - dapper, dappled, dragonfly

E - emotion, encapsulate, entwine

F - fathom, fountain

G - glisser (French), glossy, golden

H - hoppípolla (Icelandic)

I - intense, intime (French)

J - jais (French)

K - kestrel, kingfisher

L - love, lyrical

M - mahogany, mystery, mystical

N - nightingale

O - orca, orchestrate

P - pervade, profound

Q - querulous, quietude

R - recalcitrant, ripple, rustle

S - saphir (French), serenity, snuggle

T - thrum, tousled, twilit

U - underlying

V - verdant, veritably, verity

W - whimsical

X - xenolith*

Y - yip, yap

Z - zephyr**, zeppelin 

*I found this on the research tab in Word. It means a foreign rock fragment

** I saw this in my Latin-English dictionary. It means a light wind or a delicate fabric/ garment.

The End

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