Moving Like CrazyMature

You thought the story was over didn't you?

Well I warned you that my story wasn't over. 

We got the house, and started to move in. 

I was very cautious and felt exhausted. My brain was on overload. I also had to give my personal testimony for my storytelling class the next day.

Oh boy.

I had begged my Mom to exempt me from this assignment and she said that she saw it as a deliverance. I saw things somewhat differently. I didn't feel like I should be looking back, or even looking to far into the future, but just staying in the present.

Also a lot of homeschoolers have the perfect testimony. You know, saved at three, baptisted, and such and such.

Tavie was having a hard time with it too. She had at first decided she wasn't going to do it, then decided she would. I was so glad to have another person I knew would not have a perfect testimony.

I begged Tavie to come over, since I had one day to prepare, and I was freaking out. We started off trying to do it in the house, but Mom was calling me every other minute and I was beginning to feel overwhelmed so we went and we sat in Tavie's car and started to just talk. I started to calm down. We put on some music and started out slow. 

Then she decided I would go first.

I just started talking. I thought I had the perfect family as a kid, until I was about 8 or 9 when my parents started to fight. I just talked.

She said I had done really well, and she started to talk. By the end of the night, we both felt pretty confidant about our speeches.

What's the worse that can happen right? I suppose, I could cry or get sick in the middle of my speech, and puke. But that's not going to happen. 

Tavie left my house and I started to help pack and get everything loaded. I tried to tune out my emotions and the thoughts in my head as they were making me go on overload. I kept whispering Psalm 91 to myself. The people helping us probably thought I was nuts.

My Uncle tried to talk me into skipping class because we were having another moving day. No. I was obstinate. I had to be there. If not for me than Tavie. Then my Mom said I didn't have to go if I didn't want to. Oh gosh, this was getting very tempting. But nope, I felt pretty confidant. I had to be there.

We did several loads, and around midnight they called it quits. But oh no. Uncle Samson and Mom wanted to keep going and they did till 2 in the morning. I finally got to bed, and calmly realized this was my first night in this foreign house. I had already decorated my room a little, but the noises of the house kept me awake nearly all night.

The End

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