The ScareMature

I had known for a while our house was going into foreclosure, and we had been looking for a rental. My uncle moved down to live and help us. I was scared. I didn't know how he was going to act or if he was going to be like my Dad. I just feared men. He picked up the role of a father figure pretty quickly, though he picked Abraham as his favorite. He picked on Scott, and he reprimanded me. Its fine I thought, I don't need them. 

We looked for a rental and three times we thought we had a house. Three times the deal fell through. We finally found a house and signed the lease on a Sunday. It was pretty, of course not as big as the house we had been in, but comfortable. The ability to start over sounded appeasing. I found out I don't like to move. 

The Monday after the Sunday we signed the lease, I was upstairs listening to music and doing history. I'm a good multi-tasker. I heard a knock on the door, and stopped my music, wondering if I had heard something. There it was again. And again. And again. I thought it was my dad for an instant, finally gone crazy. I looked out my window and a police car, a locksmith vehicle, and another car. 

I panicked. I was in sweats and I slipped on jeans because the locksmith was fiddling with the lock, trying to get in. I wanted to scream because only me and Scott were home. Mom and Abraham we at one of his classes and Samson was at work. I tried to call Mom but she didn't pick up. I called a friend of her that I knew would pick up and was with Mom. She did pick up, but she was cutting out. I finally got to her and told her it was an emergency, and she gave the phone to Mom. 

Mom couldn't hear me, and hung up. I wanted to do something, but I didn't know what. I called Samson, who picked up and told him there was all these people at the door. He dropped his work and started to head over. Mom finally called me back and I explained to her what was happening with a lump in my throat. She told me to answer the door. They saw me coming downstairs and they stopped trying to get in.

I answered the door, said hi, then proceeded to tell them how scary they were. They apologized. They asked to come in, and they let themselves in. There was a realtor who had bought the house, two policemen, and the locksmith. I small talked with them, explaining to them my Mom was on her way. They told me to call her and they spoke with her. I could hear my heart beating and made myself calm down. They saw I was terrified and just hung out. 

I asked them to explain to me what was going on. They told me that we might be getting out of the house that day. My heart stopped. I looked around, seeing all the stuff we hadn't gotten done yet. I started praying. 

One of the policemen told me he had been here for Dad. A lot. When he had threatened suicide, when he had broken in, and a couple other times. He asked me how he was. I told him that we hadn't seen him in six months. About that time Samson walked in, then Mom right after him. Scott slept on the couch the entire time. 

I went up to my room and started to clean. I clean when I'm nervous. I realized I was really pale and sat down. I started to breathe. It was going to be ok. It was. 

They took pictures of all the rooms, and gave us till Sunday. Thank God. We started really packing Monday night. We are having a lot of friends come over to help us pack Friday and Saturday.

The End

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