The Little Things That Bothered MeMature

Tuesday - Thursday, September 28 - 30, 2011

Nothing happened until Thursday. 

It had been 2 weeks since we had left and all this had started. It was a downer day. 

We went back to the house because we needed warmer clothes, schoolbooks, and laptops to do school on. Grandma asked Dad to leave a door unlocked so we could get in and he refused. He wanted to be there if we were there. So she unlocked a window. The house was a disaster. It smelled really bad too. It didn't feel like home anymore. 

Scott's laptop was on in the bedroom with the Blair Witch Project. No Christian should be watching anything having to do with Witches. 

We scurried out of there, and took the dog with us. It hurt to much to see her like that. I cried as I held my kitty in my arms, wanting so badly to take her with me. She had lost so much weight because she wasn't getting any food, and she was already too small. My poor guinea pigs hadn't had their bedding changed in 2 weeks cause I never had time to do it.

On the way back to the Benedick's I called my Grandpa and timidly begged him to change their bedding. He was sweet enough to do it, and he gave them fresh water, and food. I slept better that night.

The End

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