I Have to Be PerfectMature

Monday and Tuesday, September 27 and 28, 2011

Monday we went to go to counseling. I didn't talk much, only said what I needed to say. I was angry at dad, I didn't want to see him. Just enough to cover my back. I had to be perfect, I couldn't have problems. I had to remain the family glue. Later on I went to coop, and the boys and Mom went to the house, because Dad went back to the treatment center. 

This is when it starts to get crazy.

They got there and not only was every door and window locked, it was barricaded. With extra doors, wood, and a ladder against the front door. Every window was covered with plastic material. They were able to see in the living room, were a video camera was was propped up, recording. There was a air soft gun propped up against another door with the barrel facing out. Paranoia? Yes. 

Our fire pit area had 6 chairs around it, and a lot of stuff had been burned. They found an air vent in there for example and many other weird objects. Such as cans filled with cotton, he used that for his drugs.

The animals were without food or water. Our golden retriever was tied in the backyard, and our old poodle was not seen and never was again. Sniff. Mom went and bought food for the animals, opened the entire bag and just set in on the porch, and filled up buckets of water. Mom took the golden away, bringing her to a friends house. She was fed and happy and we went to visit her a lot. We later brought her home.

Dad had also talked about having a shooting range in our basement with his friend and how "they had taken all my guns, but I still have one." 

Meanwhile, at the treatment center, Dad was opening up a little more about his drug use. He said he had started taking for about 14-15 years. When I was born. Somewhere in my mind makes me wonder if I caused him to worry about his finances, or if I did this to him. But he still continued to blame Mom for everything. 

When his Mom brought him back to the house, she asked him to get warmer shoes for the boys. We had been wearing flip-flops. He angrily said he was too busy. She also said that he thought everyday was Wednesday and he had an appointment at 3:15. 

The craziness continues.

The End

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