Our Last Family Get TogetherMature

Thursday and Friday, September 24 and 25, 2012

Mom spoke with several law people today concerning things I didn't understand at the moment. She had gotten a protective order. 

She spoke with his Dad and Mom, saying he would be getting papers that would need to be explained to him. 

All I could think about that night was my vision of him receiving the papers, all alone, sinking to his knees and started to cry. I know it probably didn't go down like that but that's how I thought it went. 

The next day, Dad said he would go to a treatment facility in town. So we decided we could talk to him on the phone. I remember us all sitting in the room we had stayed in and tried to listen as he talked to Abraham, telling him "he had nothing to do with this" He handed the phone to me and my heart beat anxiously. I held the phone up to my ear and heard him start talking. He told me had had only taken some drugs, it wasn't his fault, my Mom had taken more drugs than him. About this point Mom grabbed the phone away from me.

I was mad at her, and didn't talk with her for the rest of the day. She explained to me that the medicine she was taking was for her asthma. I believed her, there was no lie in her eyes. She had asthma, really bad too.

We were invited to my Grandpa's retirement party and we went. The whole family acted weird to us. Dad wasn't even told about the party. He thought he had already missed his dad's "graduation" and had been apologizing all week. I had a pretty fun time, taking another break from the world. This would be our last family get together with Dad's family. 

These memories I look upon fondly.

The End

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