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Sunday, September 19, 2011

We didn't go to church again, fearing Dad would show up. I so felt like I needed to go, that something would happen, but we didn't. 

My one friend at that point wanted to take me to the mall, to get out of the house. So I went, happy for the time off from life. 

Meanwhile, my Mom had lunch with the Benedick's and a family from our church. She voiced her concerns with dealing with demons. 

Meanwhile again, Dad agreed to go to the hospital. But he wanted to go to the church first. He wanted to talk to our Pastor, but he wasn't there. His Dad and him sat in the 2nd floor of the hospital parking lot. He refused to go in and he went back home.

He told his Mom he had been fighting demons. He had seen them on the outskirts of our house. 

I was oblivious, happily looking at earrings at the store. Everyday seemed like this. Something would happen, but if something didn't, it was worse.

The End

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