A Decision I'll Regret ForeverMature

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something happened this day that was important.

We got to go back to the house.

This was the day Dad needed to go to the ER for an examination.

So we got to go home for a short amount of time.

We got up early, and prepared to leave. He went to the hospital with his parents and that was our green light. Grandma had left a window unlocked so we slipped in that way. I grabbed some more clothes, books, and school work to keep me busy. I did my rounds, feeding the animals. Abraham went outside with me to feed the outdoor one's. We decided to walk the property line. Why I don't know.

About half-way through our walk, we saw a shovel, a hole, and a closed camera bag. I knelt down, puzzled by the scene. I opened the bag and saw a lot of white powder in little baggies. I quickly dropped it, like it was on fire. What was this?

I told my little brother not to tell my mom, I don't know why. Maybe because I was afraid dad would get into trouble. I had a glimpse of hope that maybe something was just wrong with dad medically. Oh how I regret my decision! Mom called us, and we scurried back to the car. Mom had found a large package of Goldenseal in the cabinet, a vitamin used to cleanse the body of toxins. 

During this time, Dad was at the hospital. He had tests done. He told his parents he had passed all the tests. 

His sin was about to be found out.

The End

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