The Gift of InnocenceMature

Friday, September 10, 2010

And I trudge on through my story.

I woke up in the hotel, altogether disappointed it was not a bad dream. My little brother slept peacefully beside me, pretty much oblivious to what had happened. He woke up and wanted to go swimming. Might as well let the poor kid have what he wants he could use some fun during all this drama. So we put on our bathing suits (which we had happened to grab) and made our way to the swimming pool.

Mom talked on the phone almost the entire time we were there. I asked if we could go home today, she said probably not. I tried not to cry while Abraham pulled at me saying he wanted to have a jumping contest. For being 9 years old he was so innocent. How could I preserve such a treasured gift? I hadn't been able to keep it, I had to fight to keep him pure.

I later found out that my dad had gotten home the previous night and slept. No wondering where we were, just slept. That day he slept. We asked two of our church leaders to go out and check on him. No answer on the door. Grandma Mae went in, he was sleeping on the couch. How was he able to sleep at a time like this? I haven't the slightest clue. I was glad at the time though, I thought it would soothe his anxious mind. Or something like that.

We spent another long night at the hotel. I wearily closed my eyes, hoping something would happen the next day. 

The End

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