The Day Heaven CriedMature

Thursday, September 9, 2011

The day the earth cried.

Little did I know at the time but our house was going into foreclosure. Dad and Mom had an appointment with an attorney that day and Dad didn't get up to go. I woke up and Dad was still on the couch. I got up to see Mom talking on the phone outside and she was outside for a long time. Dad saw her and mumbled something about being on the phone all the time. Scott and I went outside wondering what was going on. Mom told us she had called my Dad's mother, Mae, to come help her bring him to the doctor.

My heart stopped. Somebody tell dad what to do? It wouldn't work, it was impossible. I wondered if I should tell Dad and asked Mom. She begged us not to. Thank God He held my tongue, or I would be regretting it for the rest of my life. Mom sent Scott, Abraham, and I to a tent that we had set up in the backyard. I turned on a video but didn't watch it.

I remember exactly what it was though. It was a Shirley Temple dvd, one about when she is a coal miners daughter or something. Abraham didn't know what was going on so he happily played in the tent. It was hot. I heard a car door and knew that meant my Grandma was here. I didn't hear anything for a long time, a whole 15 minutes. I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I heard a car door slam, and I wondered if they had gotten him to go.

Then I heard two cars pull up, and more doors slam. I heard the garage door open and voices. All of a sudden, I heard my dad, my uncle, my Grandpa, and my Grandma come outside. Dad went into the backyard, tripped over the tent pegs, said some choice words and headed for the woods. His dad followed him, put his hand on Dad's shoulder. Dad looked back with a look of disgust, shrugged it off, and went into the woods.

I was wearing a yellow t-shirt and kaki shorts. I looked awful because I hadn't put on any make-up that day, so I didn't really want anybody to see me. But I asked my uncle what was going on, all he said was "Pray. Just pray." So I did. About the time I heard sirens. "Surely they aren't coming here?"

Ha, I was wrong. 3 policemen and 2 ambulances pulled up into the cul-de-sac. I ran inside and watched from the front door as my family told them the situation. I watched from the front door, praying, and seeing the blue and red lights. That image will forever be stuck in my mind. I ran upstairs to my beloved guinea pigs, picked one up, ran into my room, and started crying.

My Grandma tried to talk to me, asking "Has your dad ever been aggressive before? How do you feel about that?" I was furious. She was trying to pick me apart right now? How dare her! How dare her for not seeing right through her own son!

Abraham also went into my room with our second guinea pig, and we talked. And cried. And rocked back and forth. Shaking. My Mom called us downstairs. She wanted to know if we wanted to go with my Grandpa's wife (Grandpa and Grandma were divorced, but Grandpa's wife was is an amazing Grandma).

We deliberated. Scott didn't want to go but Mom insisted we all go. It started to rain. We left and went to Cracker Barrel. I choked down my dinner, in hopes my brothers would eat. I remember driving back to my Grandma's house, and looking through the window. It was raining. God was crying. God spoke to me there, in the most audible sound I have ever heard Him speak to me.

"You are never alone. I see your pain. You are never alone."

I held back my tears. We arrived at my Grandparents house where we watched tv and sat. And waited. Mom came to get us, and bring us home.

The police had found my dad, he had climbed into a huge stone quarey, and threatened suicide if they followed him. They had dogs. They got him. They brought him to the hospital. I found all this out later, I was just told he was at the hospital.

I went home and watched a movie, but watched my mom on the phone with the hospital at the same time. She got off the phone and announced we were leaving. Pack quickly, grab anything you might need for a couple of days.

I ran upstairs, grabbing a change of clothes and pajamas. I grabbed my favorite blanket, from my beloved Grandma who had gone to heaven, and my small Bible. I cried as I said good-bye to my beloved animals.

We left.

In 10 minutes.

I cried and begged Mom to leave Dad a voicemail, telling him we would be back. I had a breakdown.

We went to our dear friends house, where they offered to let us stay, but I said "No! No! No! Dad wouldn't want us to be there." Mom saw I was on the edge of a meltdown so she relented. They gave us money so we went to a hotel.

We arrived at 11 pm. The dear lady saw our tear-stained faces, quietly showed us our room, gave us gift basket, and left us in peace. I curled up in bed, wondering if this was all just a nightmare.

It had to be. So I fell asleep, to  the beat of the drum in my head. 

The End

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