The FallMature

August, 2011

Dad "fell". I woke up one morning on the couch, where I slept because I was afraid of the upstairs, and dad stumbled downstairs at about 2 saying he fell from the stairs trying to do a Jackie Chan move. Who Jackie Chan was I didn't know but I got the impression that it was a karate move. I laughed nervously, seeing the bruising on his rib cage. 

He would never be the same again.

He slept for a week straight, getting up to get the occasional bowl of cereal and ship out a camera or two. That was his business, selling cameras on Ebay. Puuulease. This continued for about 2 maybe 3 weeks. My memories are blurred, so I don't remember. But this story is from my point of view nobody else's so who cares?

Then that day happened.

The End

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