The Beginning of the EndMature

2004 - 2006

In the year 2004, we had 2 business flourishing. We were bringing in some good money. We had outgrown our house, Abraham was sleeping in my parents bedroom, and we needed a new home. We started looking and praying. We found a house, gone to sheriff sale because the builder had ran out of money. Oh the irony. We went through it, I etched my initials into the banister telling my little brother Scott that if we moved in, it would be a keepsake. I was into the keepsakes.

One day my dad brought us to the house and lined me and Scott up against the wall. He was recording on our old camera. We were really into pictures and family videos. We had about 40 videos of us all growing up. He told us this was our house. I ran upstairs into my future bedroom and ran around the room, kissing the wall, floors, my own sink, and closet. I then quickly thanked God and ran back downstairs. If only I would have known the pain and sorrow this cursed house has caused us.

We moved in that year, and the entire family put our handprints down in the living room, before we layed carpet. Its still there.

All was well for about 2 years. Then storms started brewing.

You see, Scott, my middle brother had always been a bit of a rascal. We compared him to Spanky from Little Rascals. He gave my dad a hard time on "respect" and all that. I only needed a few spanks to know who was boss but Scott just didn't learn. Dad would practically beat him with his leather belt. Scott would come out of the bedroom, limping and tear-stained, while dad went back to his horrid work.

That was when my heart started to resent him.

By this time, I was about 10, and I still adored him and thought he was right about everything. His authority could get rid of Mom's and I learned that. I would spend hours with him, doing my school while he worked. We just enjoyed each other company. 

I realized Mom treated me differently. I left her notes asking her why, and she would respond and say its her fault. I eventually would be so confused I would cry on my Dad's shoulder. That when I believe the troubles began to happen. When Mom started to hurt his "little white rose." He would take me on "dates" and spend more time with me than anybody else. He started confiding in me about some of his troubles. I sympathized. I realize now he was just lining me up, and making sure I was on his side. Oh what a pathetic person I was, believing only one person. I was only 10.

The End

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