The Perfect StoryMature

1996 - 2003

I was born in 1996, that's when it all started. 

I was born to Alan and Mary (names are changed to keep their privacy), and they were happy to have a baby girl. About 2 years later, 1998, my little brother, Scott, was born. I loved him but wondered why he wasn't the little sister I had prayed for. Then 3 years later, 2001, my littlest brother, Abraham, was born. I loved him too, but I still wanted a little sister. I was very concerned the boys were outnumbering the girls. 

My dad owned a small business, selling snack products. When Abraham was born, he pretty much handed that business over to my mom and started trading stocks.

I adored my dad, and loved him with all my heart. He loved me too. I would follow him around, beg him to play with me, drag him to my little tea parties, and he did it all. This is about the time, I get the feeling my mom felt like she was being replaced, in a weird sense. I think she felt like I was replacing her. She started to grow distant from me, and treated my brothers differently from me, like she loved them more than me.

I grew up loving the Lord. My first book was a Bible, I had memorized Psalm 91 by the time I was 6, and I preached in the living room. I was also scared though. I had learned the concept of demons at a young age and feared them. I ran to God because of my fear. If only I would have not been so afraid. 

The End

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