Father to the FatherlessMature

Every person has their story.
I have mine, you have your's.
Mine is a story about humbling, saving, and love.
Thank God I can tell this now, because I never thought I would tell anybody. It was our deep, dark secret.

I call them impact moments.

A life altering event. Yep, its the one your thinking of right now.

Many people think they have just one, but I believe that there is actually several that occur in a lifetime. Not just the really big events like a birth, marriage, children, and death, and while these are big events, its not really what shapes us.

It could be gradual. It could happen in an instant. Or it could be a combination of both.Mine happened gradually and in an instant. These events shape you, for good or bad.

Lessons are usually learned, while some ignore the lesson of the moment. Usually these impact moments are looked down upon and scorned for their intensity. While moments such as these can be intense, and difficult, it also shapes you and teaches you.

This is my greatest impact moment yet. It's a combination of gradual and instant. I'll never really understand why I had to go through all of this to learn the lessons buried deep beneath the surface.

I suppose you learn to appreciate the lessons if their harder to earn. Believe me, this was a difficult impact moment.

One that I pray I'll never ever have to experience again.

The End

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