Fate,destiny or luck

Is our life a pre planned book where all the dates of life, experiences –good and bad, awesome are decided.

If that is the thing then why don’t we have this book. Whay are we born empty hands with jus lines which speak of our hidden destiny. Is this the book in a coded language.

When can you break this code or can you not at all break it and keep blaming it on the fate that it is decided. But if fate is decided in the destiny then where does the luck play any role, whether you have good or bd luck your fate and your destiny aren’t gonna change.

Then you say luck is fate of happiness which makes you live in the moment whether happy if you have good luck and sad, depression, lovely if you have bad luck.

Then how could Napolean change his fate and challenge his destiny. How did he manage to change the roads of the pre-planned book called ’destiny’.

Is it what ‘secret’ by Rhonda speaks or is it the power within you, the power to believe in yourself so that you can change the world whatever and however impossible it is.

The End

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