A Quick Decision


I stepped into my empty house, the deafening silence assaulting my ears. The vacant place made the atmosphere even more eerie. I pulled my bag off from my shoulder and slung it over a hook, and I headed for the couch. As I lied down on my couch, I recounted the events of the day through my head. That's when I realized three things, the last one shocking.

  1. She didn't believe she was an angel.
  2. She probably hated my guts.
  3. I was in love with her.

I allowed my human form to vanish from my body like a sheet of water pouring off of my skin, replacing it with my angel form. I sat up and studied myself in the blank television screen. I ran my hand through my dark blond hair and stared at my own shimmering gold eyes.

I really upset her, I thought. Why did I try to show her up? I sat there on the couch, shaking my head. I can't just sit here!

I jumped from my spot on the couch and pulled off my T-shirt. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife, cutting open two long vertical slits in the back of the shirt and put it on. I allowed my long, white feathery wings to unfurl from my back, but it was so uncomfortable that I shedded it completely. Then, I stretched my angel wings to their full six meter length.

That was when I walked out my door, locked it behind me and stepped into the snow that had begun to fall. It was December, and we were getting our first snowfall. The white snowflakes fell upon my rock hard, cold skin, but I couldn't feel it, being an angel. Then, I tucked the keys back into my torn jeans pocket and took flight, moonlight shimmering against the crisp snow that tumbled from the heavens and caught in my hair.

I headed for Riranna's house...

The End

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