I was slightly annoyed at Cas chosing the other piano. I mean why did he have to? Usually I was the only one who played piano. Others played keyboard. I was confused. Was he purposely trying to annoy me?

I wasn't looking where I was going as I walked along the street so I was completely off guard for the person who stepped out in front of my. I thwacked into them and stumbled back. "Sorry I wasn't looking where I was-" I cut of short looking up to see someone of great beauty. He had dark blond hair and captivating golden eyes.

"Its okay" He says with a smile. I thought I saw the back of his long coat shift but ignored it. 

"Have we met before?" I whisper not able to pull my own eyes from his.

"No, I think I would know if I saw a great beauty. Although I might of seen you at a birthday party, have you had one recently?"

"No, my birthday's in two days" I whisper.

"Ah, well, seems we have not met. Sorry, to cut this short but I must be going" He turned and left with utter grace and as he did Cas's face flashed into my head. I shook it away and looked up to see the mysterious man gone. Why did I think of Cas? Those two are nothing alike.... no way at all.... are they?


"I'm home!" I yell, knowing Elliot will already be home.

"Had a good day?" His voice calls up from the basement. I dump my bag at the door and go into the kitchen. I open the door to the basement and skip down. I find Elliot leaning over a telescope with another sample.... from my scar.

"Will you stop looking at that thing" I sigh. "I don't even know why I gave it to you. I knew you wouldn't stop trying to work out the mystery like you promised"

"It has self-healing properties, Ri. Also the sample's grown recently" He says pulling it out and passing it to me. I look at it relising it has and also its took on a sort of pale moonlight glow.

"Well, that's not happening to my back" I whisper reaching back to touch it.

"Go and check" He says taking the sample and beginning studying it again. I leave the basement going to my room. As I change my outfit I turn my back to the mirror and gasp. The scar's glowing. I yank my clean shirt on and slump to my bed. What the hell is happening?

The End

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