Does she hate me?


Wow, she's amazing, I thought as I walked. The teacher had just told us to find our individual instruments, and I knew that Riranna would probably be upset with the one that I was going to choose to play. I could play almost all of them, which was another angel skill. I knew she probably could, too. But by me going to play the instrument that I truly loved, I would be able to bring out part of her anger, which would hopefully get her to talk to me.

I would ask her when her eighteenth birthday would be, that way I would know when she would really start to change. I walked over to the teacher, said a few charming words, and then walked across the room. I sat at the second piano, sitting down on the bench and looking back. The two grand pianos were opposite each other, on different sides of the large, circular room. The room had many disc-like things that hung from parts of the ceiling as well as small cavities in rectangular shapes that pressed into it.

I turned just as Riranna turned, seeing me at the other grand piano.

"Class! Get ready!" the teacher said. "Riranna, please begin."

I heard her sigh as she spun the bench and adjusted her posture and set her fingers onto the smooth white piano keys, sitting down on the bench again. I didn't look back at her. As she begun to play her wondrous piece, I played a gentle accompaniment, not too audible, but just enough for it to ring gently over the crowd of people who were playing their instruments. I did the ornamentations to match her music, and at the end I slid my fingers across the smooth white keys for a soft glissade.

When we all finished, the teacher clapped, the sound reverberating off of every suface until I could feel the vibrations. I sat there and played quietly so no one could hear me. I played my favourite song, River Flows in You by Yiruma. It was a soft piece, and I'd been playing for only about a minute when I heard her rise from her bench.

I listened to her footsteps as they got closer and closer. I just played, ignoring anything else that I heard. She walked right by me. I felt the breeze of wind as she flew past me, completely ignoring me. I looked at her as she stepped out of the room, turning the corner and heading down the hall.

I sat there for a moment, playing the song half heartedly, not really paying attention. I was only looking at the empty doorframe, still seeing Riranna's silouhette.

The End

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