I stared at the picture for a while. It looked identically like me but sort of gave me and angelic light. Another memory shattered through my head making a moan fall from my lips as I grip my head. What the hell is wrong with my head? Its like theres something missing and when I try to remember it pains my skull.... Its all to do with Castiel.

I saw Castiel through out the day and with all my might avoided him. I was success full till period 5 which was music. I walked in and the teacher, Mrs Mel, smiled at me. "Ah, Riranna, would you be able to play that piece you wrote?" She asks. I nod and go sit down behind the grand piano. I dump my bag on the floor and begin to play.

Its that moment Castiel walks in. He looks at me playing and pauses. I don't look up, I just watch my fingers glide across the keys as the people in class listen silent. Some even have there eyes closed to listen. Then I finish, the class claps and I smile with a slight blush on my cheeks.

"Beautiful as always" The teacher says patting my shoulder. "Now class we will be resuming that piece as a class with our individual instruments"

The End

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