Girls and Friends


"Oh my god!" Delia squealed as we stopped at my locker. "That new guy was so flirting with you" I blushed slightly but luckily Delia didn't see it as I swung open my locker door. She moved round to stand on the other side. "You should really take you chances with that he's uber hot"

It was that moment Cathy the witch decided to past. I sighed, knowing what was next, and slammed my locker door shut. "No, she shouldn't Delia because the new guys mine" She snapped. I could really imagin her a witch or a deamon with the horns and sharp teeth. "Listen, Riri. Keep away from him, I mean what happened to William"

I blink and then a memory shoots through my head sending rapid pains through my skull. "I-I don't know what your on about. It was a party and he tried to take things to far" I say gasping for breath against the pain that had now shot down my scar. Cathy pounted her lipstick red lips at me then smirked in away that clearly wasn't friendly.

"Yeah, well, back off the new kid" She hissed in my ear then walked off to her group of brats. Delia whistled and looked at me sympathetically.

"Your not going to listen again are you?" She says.

"I'm not gonna do anything" I mumble kneeling down to shove things into my satchel by my feet before swinging it onto my shoulder. "See you at lunch" I don't wait for Delia to reply I just head in the direction of art class. I come to a stop when I walk in to find that Cas had sat in the seat right next to mine. Slowly I remembered it was the only seat left in the small art room and with a sigh walked over and sat down.

The End

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